What is considered a Non-Boxed Item?

A Non-Boxed Item is any item that cannot fit into one of our boxes, such as plastic storage bins or plastic shelving. Note: Non-Boxed Items cannot exceed 70 lbs, and we will not accept large pieces of furniture.

Do I have to use Corp boxes for storage?

No, you can purchase storage for a “Non-Corp storage bin.”

Is the listed price for the entire duration, or per month?

The price listed in our Corp Storage Shop is the price to store for the entire Spring and if applicable Summer storage session.

Can Corp Storage pick-up my items?

Unfortunately, we only allow pick-up services for our Summer Storage term. All items must be dropped off outside of Vittles on our designated drop-off days. We will have carts to borrow, but there may be a wait.

Where can I find the storage supplies?

Pick-up for storage supplies (boxes, tape, packing materials, labels) will be on December 11th. Specific times will be communicated with those who have purchased items.

When can I deliver my items?

Items can be delivered to us outside of Vital Vittles in the Leavey Student Center on December 14th and 17th. Specific times will be communicated with those who have purchased items.

When and how will my items be returned?

Items that are stored for only the Spring Term must be picked-up Mid-May. Specific times will be organized with individual customers. If you purchase items for the Spring + Summer term, you can pick up your items during Move-In days for the 2023/24 school year.

Can I store my items for longer than Summer 2023?

At this time, The Corp is only offering storage for the Spring and Summer 2023 term. However, if you would like to prolong your storage term come August, we will be in contact about terms and conditions.

How can I cancel my order?

Any order cancellations or refund requests should be made to storage-help@thecorp.org.

Have any lingering questions? Email us at storage-help@thecorp.org or fill out the form below!