Can I purchase storage supplies and not store with Corp Storage?

Yes, even though we are sad you aren’t storing with us, we have boxes and tape for you! It's $3 for a small box, $4 for a medium box, $6 for a large box, and $3 for tape. To purcahse just a box, select the box size you want on "Shop Storage" and select "No Storage - Just Box" under Storage Period. Masking Tape can be found at the bottom of the "Shop Storage" page.

What number should be placed on the side of my boxes?

You should receive a confirmation email after you purchase storage with us! Write your customer number provided in the email, your last name, and your NetID on each of the four stickers (per box) given to you when you pick up supplies. Place one sticker on each side of your box(es). The top of your box does NOT need a sticker.

What are the dimensions of your Corp Boxes?

Large Corp Box: (4.5 cubic feet, 24”x18”x18”)
Medium Corp Box: (3.1 cubic feet, 18''x18''x16'')
Small Corp Box: (2.7 cubic feet, 16''x12.75''x12.75'')

If I do not need to pick up boxes, do I still need stickers?

YES! Every item needs its own set of stickers. Please pick up stickers during the supplies pick up period or when dropping off your items at Vital Vittles.

If I am studying abroad, can I purchase storage for that time frame?

We know how much Georgetown students love and gain from studying abroad. We structure our storage plans so there are a lot of options from which to choose, so storing your things does not need to be a hassle as you get prepared for your abroad semester! We offer Spring Study abroad storage, as well as Spring + Summer storage. Check out our pricing for more details on exact prices of these options! We hope you a fantastic time abroad!

When and where do I drop off storage items?

Drop off will occur at Vital Vittles on December 8th, December 10th, December 14th, and December 16th. Feel free to drop off your items at any time during those days during operating hours. Please email if you require a different collection time.

When and where do I collect empty boxes, stickers, and tape?

There will be two one-hour time slots on December 8th from 12:00-1:00 PM and on December 12th from 5:00-6:00PM. During this time, Customers should come outside the front door of Vital Vittles to receive empty boxes, stickers, and tape.

Are boxes stored in a temperature-controlled environment?

Boxes will be stored in a locked and temperature-controlled environment.

What form of payments do you accept?

We take all credit cards. If you’d like to use a Corp gift card please email and we can process your order separately.

I’ve been having trouble placing an order with my credit card. What should I do?

Sorry about that! Please email describing what happened and we will take care of it!

What is a Non-Corp Box?

A Non-Corp Box is any item cardboard box that does not have the Corp logo on it.

What is a Non Boxed Item?

Any item that is not in a cardboard box. This can be bins, chairs, mattress pads, etc. Any non-boxed items that require more than one person to lift would be considered a "Jumbo Item"

What is a Jumbo Non-Corp Box?

An Item that needs more than one person to carry. If you are storing bins, more than three stacked bins is a Jumbo Non-Corp Box.

What are the weight limits for boxes?

We are strong…but not that strong. For a small Corp box the weight limit is 50lbs., for a large Corp box the weight limit is 55 lbs., and for a regular non-Corp box or fridge it is 70 lbs.

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