Summer 2021 Corp Storage

We hope you are doing well during these times. The Corp wanted to reach out to provide an update regarding your storage order. Due to the re-opening plan for Georgetown University, Corp Storage is required to alter its storage retrieval and delivery options. We have partnered with Georgetown Auxiliary Business Services and Hilldrup Storage to provide the following options for each customer: 
  1. For anyone who has been approved to live on-campus, your items will be delivered to your residence prior to your arrival at no additional cost.
  2. Continue to have your items stored until the Spring 2021 semester.
  3. Pick up your items from Hilldrup Storage’s warehouse in Dulles, VA.
  4. Have your items shipped to you.
  5. Donate your items.
There is no cost to store, pick up, or donate your items. If you wish to have your items shipped, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping.You will receive a separate email from shortly with instructions on how to choose your preferred option. The form must be completed by August 5th, or your items will remain in storage until the Spring 2021 semester. Those returning to campus this fall will receive a separate communication closer to move-in.If you have already received and filled out the form, you do not need to do so again.We understand that these changes may pose an inconvenience. However, we must adhere to University guidelines to prioritize the health and safety of everyone in the Georgetown community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or

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